Custom Development

HTML 5 banners and hand-coded micro site for a leading UK DFM platform.

A stand-out brand positioning coupled with a market leading user experience, ensures your company can stay ahead of the competition.

Amnet were called upon, by a leading branding agency Starling Murmur to implement their first stage of an industry disrupting strategy for a leading DFM platform. Using Amnet’s extensive web and application development team, an exciting new hand coded, responsive microsite was designed, built and tested to showcase the unique USP that make Tatton Investment the disruptive DFM platform it is today.

The microsite was the endpoint of a customer journey that started with a highly targeted HTML banner campaign. Amnet’s extensive knowledge of hand coding banners was put the the test with a campaign that combined 144 creatives built to 5 different advert specifications, supplying a total of 720 different hand coded html banners.

In doing so, we were able to demonstrate a deep level of technical expertise and provide flexible, scalable resource to ensure the timely delivery of a major digital advertising campaign with often challenging deadlines.

Whilst the creative routes were set, there was a natural level of interpretation and adaptation to turn an impressive creative vision into reality, whilst adhering to strict advertising specifications and FSA guidelines.


Creative Agency: Starling Murmur

Media Agency: City Media

Brand: Tatton Investments


As a creative studio we are often faced with projects that can be challenging in terms of both content and volume. Needless to say tight turnaround times and budgets are standard.
I have worked with a variety of offshore providers throughout my career, but Amnet have proven themselves to be a cut above. The response times have been fantastic. The UK based project managers, and their experienced eye for detail, has meant there has been limited need for revisions. It’s like working with a in-house team rather than an offshore provider.’

Martin McCully

Creative Director, Starling Murmur